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Player interaction via Streamers gives players an exciting experience at one of the most popular Crypto Casinos today.
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Roobet Casino Review

Roobet is one of the hottest Crypto Casinos today and it is mainly due to their focus on their players. Roobet has a fast growing streaming user base and interacts with their players by doing stream events and giveaways frequently. Roobet is also one of the only casinos to offer instant Bitcoin deposits (confirmations on the network are required to withdraw) and withdrawals are nearly instant at Roobet. Players can complete offers and surveys to earn free Crypto that you can use to play at this Casino.

See for yourself why Roobet is one of the most popular Crypto Casinos today and sign up today!

Click “Play Now” to receive a free upgrade to VIP Level 1 when you sign up.

Daily Rakeback

Daily Rakeback is one of three rewards you get once you reach VIP Level 1 (click Play Now to get upgraded to VIP Level 1 automatically when you Sign Up!). Daily Rakeback will give the most reward out of the three usually. The amount is a % of the total amount of wagers you made for the day.

Weekly Cash Back

Weekly Cash Back usually give players the second highest reward amount every week if the player is ended in a loss for the week and not in profit. The loss % isn’t specified, but don’t expect 10%+. It is in the single digit % or even under 1% for lower VIP Levels.

Monthly Bonus

Monthly Bonuses include losses and a cash bonus, but it isn’t as much as you might think it is. It is still a free reward for players and should be happy to receive it. Just don’t expect to much from it.

All Hail King Roo

Become King Roo and take your share from every wager across all slots. The longer you stay King, the more you’ll earn. Stay on top!

How to become king:

To become King Roo, you need to hit a 100x multiplier on any slot, with a minimum wager of $1. There can only be one King; fight to maintain your position!

Other Terms/Rules:

  • This promotion is ran for a limited time only.
  • Bonus buys do not qualify.
  • Should Roobet.com detect fraud, foul play, any manipulation of the promotion rules or abuse of the promotion, the relevant player and their related accounts will be suspended from the current and any future promotions.
  • Roobet.com reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time.

Roobet Casino Details

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4.8 rating

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