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Free VPN vs Paid VPN

Free VPNs are available on every device and most people will think it’s just as good as a Paid VPN. Is it really just as good? Not even close. 

If you think someone decided to develop a VPN App and update it regularly and not make any money, I don’t know what to tell you. Sure, they can monetize with Ads, but it’s not a game where your constantly on the App, so how do they make money? What makes them want to provide a Free VPN? Your data is valuable. Free VPNs usually sell your data/info. Free VPNs won’t be able to protect your privacy as you might think they are doing. That would be like getting a body guard to follow you around for free. Not going to happen. Using a Free VPN will change your IP, but most Free VPNs share servers and the frequent disconnects will change your IP back to your actual one.

Why you should use a Paid VPN

Paid VPN services have more advanced technology as they use the subscription fees to pay high end developers to constantly upgrade their platform. This ensures your privacy is actually private. Speed of your internet when connected to a VPN server is just as fast as if you weren’t connected to it. Free VPNs, you’ll notice a big difference on speed. It’s like connecting to a 56k modem so you have a 50/50 chance of being anonymous online.

The extra features a Paid VPN are very useful. One very important feature is the “kill-switch”. The kill-switch will make sure that if your VPN gets disconnected, you won’t go back online using your non-VPN internet connection to actually keep your privacy safe. Once the VPN connection reconnects to the server, it will turn off the kill-switch and you can resume. (It happens from time to time and it’s normal, but most the times you won’t even notice it as you lose connection for a split second and get reconnected.)

“It cost too much! I can’t afford it.”

If your able to play at online Crypto Casinos, you can afford a small monthly subscription fee for a premium VPN service. That is the worst excuse.

VPN service providers offer long term deals that save you A LOT. I mean A LOT.

I personally use NordVPN and subscribed to the 3 year plan which was $59.99.

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