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Fun and Exciting when winning.
Could deplete your balance quick if on a bad losing streak.

Play Monopoly Live using Crypto!

Monopoly Live is one of the most popular Live Game Shows available at almost every casino online. This is a special edition of their original money wheel game, Dream Catcher. You can bet on a series of numbers (1, 2, 5, and/or 10) along with extra bonus segments (2 Rolls, 4 Rolls, and Chance). Landing on any numbers will simply multiply your bet by that multiple (For example if it landed on 5 and you placed a $10 bet on 5 that would be 5 * $10 = $50). The bonus segments can give you an instant cash or a multiplier if landed on Chance or a 3D bonus game which is a 3D world of the popular Monopoly board game for landing on either 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls. Once Mr. Monopoly steps into the world, the random dice rolls will allows Mr. Monopoly to walk around the board collecting multipliers which at the end will be multiplied by your bet. (Bet * Total Multiple = Win Amount).

There have been massive wins recently, one which was over 3000x your bet on a 4 Rolls. It first landed on Chance and got 10x multiplier which then the host spun the wheel again and landed on 4 Rolls. In this case each segment on the Monopoly board gets multiplied by 10!

A fun exciting game that you can play with friends and is also one of the most streamed casino games on Twitch.

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